Google glasses – could this be a telecare breakthrough?

Google Glasses - courtesy of GoogleThere has been considerable speculation recently about Google Glasses – eyeglasses that have an integrated computer and camera – and the possible benefits to the healthcare sector. Here are a few thoughts on immediate applications for the glasses:

Helping surgeons during procedures

Making it easier to look at X-rays or close-up views of an operation. It is possible that pre-operative imaging could be made accessible to the surgeon without them having to even change their posture. There could also be a role for them in training medical students with certain types of procedure.

Proctoring from a distance

The glasses will have a camera and wi-fi connection so could allow one practioner to guide another one from anywhere in the world. The technology will revolutionise the data age but may also distance the doctor – patient relationships still further

Quick references that Google Glasses can provide

During an operation a surgeon could look up a piece of information or even a previous operations that they have done. The ability to be able to speak instructions and then see the results right in front of their eyes could spark massive changes in operating theatres.

Could future hospitals end up with 100s of goggle wearing medical staff operating in a semi virtual reality world? And then there is the advertising potential for Google aimed at a almost captive audience! Watch this space!


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